The big 2.0 update for Destiny was released last week, September 8 to be exact, and it brought several changes with it. Classes and weapons have received some tuning, light level and character level have been separated and the level cap has been raised to 34. You can check out all of the changes here

However, the 2.0 patch was only the preparation for the third Destiny expansion “The Taken King” which was released to days ago, September 15, on PS4, PS3, XBox One and XBox 360. The expansion brings new story missions, strikes and a new raid, all of them with new enemies. For you to be ready for these enemies, your character also gets new toys in the form of subclasses with new supers. The hunter gets a bow formed from gravitational void energy, the Warlock can channel an electric storm from his hand and the Titan is now capable of smashing enemies with his new flaming hammer. If that’s not enough, you can also level your character to level 40 because “The Taken King” raises the level cap yet again.

If you prefer PvP, don’t worry. The expansion also brings new modes and maps on which you can compete with other players. For more information, just click the following link:

You can buy the expansion for ca. 40€ in their respective stores if you already own the main game Destiny. If you haven’t played Destiny yet, tough, then it is worth buying the legendary edition for about 60€. It includes the main game, “The Taken King” as well as the first two expansions “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves”. Buy on Amazon

And to get an impression of how the whole thing looks like, watch the launch gameplay trailer for The Taken King right here.

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