Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2, developed by Arkane Studios, is expected to release in the first or second quarter next year. Like it’s predecessor you can play the game stealthily and finish the game without killing anyone or you just go berserk and kill anything that moves. This time, you will be able to choose your protagonist. You […]

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Minecraft: Story Mode

As a gamer, you probably have heard of Minecraft before. It’s the game with blocks in which you can let your crativity run wild and are able to build any construction you want. Now Telltale Games takes a shot at the brand which Microsoft bought for 1.9 billion euros in September 2014. Like their last […]

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Starcraft II – Legacy of the Void

Legacy of the Void is the third part of the Scarcraft II trilogy developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The first part “Wings of Liberty” focused on the Terrans, part two “Heart of the Swarm” highlighted the Zerg, and now “Legacy of the Void” is revolving around the Protoss. The central characters of part one and two, […]

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