Blizzard has revealed the first new hero for Overwatch. Her name is Ana and she is a support character. She uses a sniper rifle which shoots darts that can poison enemies or heal teammates. If an enemy comes too close she can use a biotic grenade to damage them but also heal allies. Additionally, she can also fire a sleep dart that renders an enemy unconscious. However, an unconscious enemy will be roused by any damage dealt to him.
Last but not least, her ultimate ability: nanoboost. After Ana hits a teammate with the nanoboost, he will move faster, deal more damage and take less damage from attacks.

Blizzard has also revealed some information regarding her story. Ana Amari is one of the six founding members of Overwatch and Phara’s mother. She went on missions well into her fifties until she was gravely wounded by Widowmaker and presumed dead. Find out in the trailer below why she returned and rejoined the fight.

Ana, like every other new hero, will be released for free. There is no release date yet, but the wait shouldn’t be very long. PC players can already test her. To find out how to do that, go to this page

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