Tomorrow, the Olympic Games finally start. To celebrate the Summer Games in Rio, Blizzard has updated Overwatch with new loot and a new game mode. Until the Olympic Games end on June 21, you got the chance to unlock more than 100 seasonal goodies.

There are items from all categories. Sprays, emotes, highlight intros, player icons, and skins (even a few legendary skins). Every new Loot Box will contain at least one new item from the Summer Games 2016 collection. However, on June 22, the regular Loot Boxes will return and it will no longer be possible to unlock the new items. Of course, every item you unlock during the seasonal event will be yours forever.

But there is more than just new loot. There is also a new game mode called Lúcioball. In this 3v3 mode, every player controls Lucio and tries to score as many goals as possible within 4 minutes. The trailer below shows what that looks like.

This is Blizzard’s first seasonal event. More will follow. Unfortunately, Blizzard has not revealed more about them yet.

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