Bethesda’s latest trailer for Prey features the different kinds of aliens. The trailer below highlights the look and abilities of the evolutions of the Typhon, that’s what the alien race is called. The trailer focuses on Mimics, Phantoms and Telepaths. The design of the Typhon was very important to the developers. Here’s an excerpt from Bethesda’s blog post.

Even during the earliest days of development, Arkane wanted to avoid any clichés when designing the aliens – a mandate that came from Creative Director Raphael Colantonio. “We wanted to avoid what Raf [Colantonio] calls ‘Orcs with laser guns,’” says Lead Designer Ricardo Bare. “We didn’t want to do troopers with blasters, or some kind of squishy, slimy, gory monsters. Instead, we wanted to evoke something more mysterious, unknowable, paranormal. It took a long time to get there, but basically the Typhon body shapes are amorphous. They’re hard to pin down. They’re very threatening in an ‘I don’t really know what that creature is thinking’ sort of way.

For more info about the Typhon click here:

Prey releases on May 5, 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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