As announced, Bunge and Activision released the reveal trailer for Destiny 2 yesterday. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t feature any gameplay, but we do get some more information about the plot and we learn the name of the antagonist. A gameplay trailer was announced to be released on May 18. Furthermore, the content of the different editions were revealed. Besides a standard edition, a Limited and Collector’s Edition will also be released. In addition to the base game, the Limited Edition also includes two expansions and some additional content like a steelbook and premium digital content. Everything that’s included in the Limited Edition will also be featured in the Collector’s Edition. However, the Collector’s Edition also comes with a Frontier Bag. The contents of the Collector’s Edition can be seen in the following image:

If you pre-order Destiny 2, it doesn’t matter which edition, you will receive early access to the upcoming Destiny 2 beta slated for this summer. Unfortunately, we don’t know yet how much content there will be in the beta or how long it will last.

Destiny 2 will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on September 8, 2017. The first game of the series never made it to PC so PC players get to enjoy the shooter series for the first time soon.

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