A new event for Overwatch was unexpectedly released yesterday. “Uprising” will run until May 1 and it features a co-op brawl, just like last year’s Halloween event. On King’s Road, which was slightly altered for the event, you can pick Tracer, Mercy, Reinhardt and Torbjörn to fight against Omnic robots. Of course, there are also new loot boxes with new skins, highlight, emotes and sprays. Here’s the word from Blizzard:

Experience a pivotal moment in history from before the fall of Overwatch. Join a strike team of Overwatch agents—including the newest recruit, Tracer—as they undertake a vital mission to stop an omnic uprising in King’s Row. Drop into the action and play as one of the four charged with completing this critical objective.
As always, your efforts will be rewarded. You’ll earn Uprising Loot Boxes as you play, unlocking new cosmetic skins, highlights, emotes, and sprays themed after key moments from throughout the history of Overwatch. Uprising Loot boxes are also available for purchase—but hurry, they get re-encrypted and filed away in the archives come May 1.

More info: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/events/uprising/

Last but not least, two videos about the event and its origin story.

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