Farpoint, the Playstation VR exclusive shooter developed by Impulse Gear went gold last week. Now, it should be all set for its release on May 17. To mark the occasion, Impulse Gear and Sony released a story trailer that gives us a first glimpse at the game’s story.


Randy Nolta of Impulse Gear said the following about the story:

I think we’ve put together a pretty unique sci-fi story, especially for a shooter,” explains Randy. “The characters are stranded and trying to figure out how to survive, and at the same time getting to know each other.
It’s emotional, we wanted the characters to get close to you as the player and feel ultra-believable. You care about what happens to them.

You can play Farpoint with a regular DualShock 4 controller or with the new Aim controller, which was developed especially for the game, and will also be available as a bundle with the game.

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